TODAY   |  February 24, 2014

Linda Gray on body flaws: ‘I don’t really care’

Actress Linda Gray became a household name in the TV show “Dallas” that ran from 1978-1991, and is reprising her role as Sue 20 years later. The 73-year-old star says it’s important for women to honor who they are and not worry about their flaws.

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>>> it is an hour of television packed with drama, back stabbing and strong women in designer clothes. we're not talking about this show, people, no, no.

>> we're talking about " dallas ," the hugely popular primetime series that ran between 1978 and 1991 and made linda gray a household name.

>> now 20 years later -- 20 years later, linda is reprising her famous character of sue ellen ewing in the modern day remake of " dallas " on tnt. we love it when you come to see us.

>> fresh air, missy.

>> thank you, sweetheart.

>> you're having the time of your life , aren't you?

>> the best time. who has played the same character 20 years later?

>> susan lucci , that's it.

>> she's the only one.

>> how does it compare, this go around, compared to last go around?

>> the first -- with mr. hagman, you know, it was a party. it was a party for 13 years. and then we had a little hiatus, for 20 years. and then the phone rings and they said, would you like to come back and do the same role again?

>> did you hesitate at all or were you right in?

>> right in. larry and patrick and i were dear friends after 35, 37 years. we called each other, of course, and said, are you in? what do you think? it was great. the script was good. we were in. so we're back in dallas , texas.

>> it is still about the writing, isn't it?

>> yes.

>> always.

>> and these writers, that's a challenge to write for the crazy older ones, and they bring in new ones --

>> new gorgeous people.

>> gorgeous, hello. sends you right back to the gym and it is just amazing.

>> speaking of the gym, you're in great shape. we're doing a whole week this week on body image. what do you think? we have been trying to talk about our insecurities and things that bother us.

>> well, first of all, i googled myself. and i looked at my age, and i thought, are they kidding? i'm that old?

>> you don't live that way.

>> it is hysterical. i thought, i'm never going to do that again. i don't even look my age. i think that's just some number out there. so i think it is, like, energy. and i was born with a lot of energy. and i think once you have that, i feel blessed. and once you have that, i think, like, we were speaking earlier, you kind of at a certain age, you say, you know what, i don't really care about all this stuff. yes, we have some flaws. are we going to point them out to anybody? no.

>> and the people that really love you already know about them. you know?

>> and they love you anyway. and you don't go, well, i don't like this and i don't like this. it is like i want them to stop and i want women to stop comparing themselves to other wonderful women who may be 30, 40, 50 years younger than they are. don't do that. honor who you are.

>> right.

>> my mom always says, i had my turn, a nice way to look at it. she was the one in the perfect little -- and now somebody else.

>> now you turn it over. and you think you've lived life long enough where you just don't --

>> we're going to see sue ellen in a thong this season.

>> right. i'll be in a thong. hot and sexy. hotter than ever and more dysfunctional.

>> that's the way we love it.