TODAY   |  February 24, 2014

Make pot roast last for a week’s worth of meals

Chef Giada De Laurentiis joins TODAY to demonstrate how a slow cooker can help you stretch your family’s dinners for a whole week, using pot roast as the basic ingredient.

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>>> like to cook dinner tonight and be done for the rest of the week?

>> i would so love that. and "today" contributor and chef giada is taking monday pot roast and transforming it to four satisfying dishes to keep your family to friday. lovely to see you.

>> reinventing the pot roast .

>> let's launch in on the pot roast .

>> we're going to start with a slow cooker here.

>> okay.

>> people love them because we're busy. moms can throw everything in there. we're going to start by seasoning the meat. who's going to do it?

>> willie.

>> and we'll put it on the two pieces of chuck roast we have here.

>> that's just chuck roast?

>> yeah. and make sure you look for nice marbling to meat. and the slow cooker , put the lid on.

>> does it matter what order? you can put everything in one time?

>> yeah, put it all in there. a lot of times you'll see with recipes is, well -- yeah. okay. you're supposed to divide it.

>> my bad.

>> throw it in there.

>> very specific.

>> divide the seasoning between the two.

>> it's all in there.

>> it all cooks all the potatoes, the fennel, red wine . all goes in.

>> that's your monday.

>> tuesday you make pizza. make a little cream sauce i put over it with a little kale, the leftover pot roast , cheese, throw it in the oven, that's dinner.

>> incredible.

>> then where were we? wednesday? mushrooms, peas and pot roast . i had the mushrooms to give it more body.

>> different texture.

>> well, it's an italian sicilian tradition that started in new orleans by putting the meats and cheeses in bread. and you can let this sit. thursday night, nice soup. beans and pot roast and veggies.

>> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> kathie lee and hoda. can we shout out to our team who made the new kitchen?

>> whole new area.

>> gorgeous!

>> great new york apartment.

>> wow.

>> we have everybody. buster, linda gray , jordin sparks . minnie driver , passenger.

>> unbelievable.