TODAY   |  February 24, 2014

Which movie will get the most Oscars?

The TODAY hosts reveal their predictions for which movie will reap the most Academy Awards, with “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave” leading the pack. They also speculate about which red carpet gown will inspire the most chatter.

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>>> welcome back to "today," it's monday morning, february 24th , 2014 . i'm willie geist along with al, natalie and the newest member of our family, miss tamron hall .

>> are you going to do your own history of rap for us?

>> i think we should. just quickly to recap, willie stood me up during a karaoke contest. we were judges and i said let's do beyonce and jay-z, and we ended up doing "endless love."

>> not remotely how it happened. they didn't have the song we wanted in the book. we were hat boxed, we were railroaded --

>> this friday, if they -- oh.

>> now?

>> are you asking me to do it now?

>> go for it.

>> i saw you --

>> this was the one we were going to do.

>> but i thought --

>> i was just standing there. waiting.

>> by friday, we'll have it down.

>> okay. you want to do it friday?

>> yeah.

>> we're having a blast doing the usa today thing. this sunday it's the academy awards . this morning, we reveal our picks for the " usa today "/"today" show pick. which movie will get the most awards?

>> i think 12 years a slave will receive the acting awards, but i think "gravity" might outweigh it when you put in the technical awards into the mix.

>> i agree with you "12 years" is a favorite. a bit of a spoiler on best picture .

>> yeah, i'm going with "gravity" getting the awards because i think it was a different kind of film. and i think it sort of set new ground as to how far the 3d and technology.

>> and "12 years a slave."

>> my heart was pounding when i watched that film, nothing like it.

>> red carpet moments. whose gown will inspire the most chatter?

>> lupita.

>> i think lupita, but i put margot.

>> i'm going with cate blanchett because she'll win for "blue jasmine."

>> who will the host, ellen, roast the most?

>> i think jonah hill for the things he did in "wolf of wall street ."

>> i went bradley cooper because he admitted he went commando to a state dinner .

>> i'm going with george clooney . he seems to be in the moment right now. golden globes , everybody sort of picked on him.

>> hard to beat that. i wouldn't go back there. academy awards are this sunday, this coming sunday, march 2nd .

>> good. all right.

>> about six people tell me local weather. that's what's going