TODAY   |  February 24, 2014

TODAY anchors go makeup-free

It’s No Makeup Monday! The anchors, joined by Dr. Mehmet Oz, show their bare faces and chat about body image for TODAY’s #LoveYourSelfie series. “TV is a little less forgiving,” says Savannah Guthrie. Willie Geist says that with his kids, “We never talk about looks” and instead focus on behavior.

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>>> series which we are calling "love your selfie." a closer look at body image . why we're our toughest critics on ourselves. we want you to join this conversation as we share how we really feel sometimes about our looks.

>> i have the exact body my dad had.

>> my body is healthy, thankfully. strong and healthy.

>> average.

>> 40, it's okay. it's not good and it's not terrible. it's fine.

>> subpar. i've got a forehead you could show a drive-in movie on.

>> my body, aging.

>> when i was younger, i didn't like i was so tall. i actually tried to drink coffee because i had heard that it stunted your growth. obviously, that didn't work out so well for me. but i have now a lifelong coffee addiction.

>> i had a big head in high school , they called me jug head.

>> i wore braces for six years. kids would say big teeth or rabbit teeth.

>> i had a serious case of buck teeth. my smile was something i was always insecure about.

>> i was the kid with the crazy, frizzy hair, the stop sign glasses and the weird name. like the trifecta of woof.

>> weight is a big issue. and i've always been heavy and as i got older, i got heavier.

>> at times when i was a young kid, a lack of weight was an issue. and i was skinny. not just thin, i was skinny.

>> we had something in our family, we called them wuggies. that little place right at the top of the thighs just a little too much on there, that love. you know?

>> i was a tall, scrawny kid. i looked exactly like anthony michael hall in "sixteen candles."

>> i think i'm like every woman in america who has things they don't love about their bodies.

>> if you would ask me this before my children, i would have said my thighs. but since c-sections, the stomach.

>> i was heavy and lost weight. but i don't ever feel like the girl who lost weight.

>> there are lots of things we'll never love about ourselves. who are we kidding? we can pretend all day long we like that we have cellulite. i'm never going to like that. but you know what, i try not to wear a bathing suit in public. that's my gift to america.

>> after you've had two c-sections, some things don't go back, you know, the way should have been. so i've got a little pooch sometimes that, you know, i stillbirthed two incredibly happy, healthy children. i'm so thankful.

>> it's what my mother told me, my aunt told me. we all have something, why focus on it?

>> the hair thing bothered me for a short period of time. there was a time when i had too much hair. i had this awful thing going on there. and i had people used to make jokes when they'd see a picture of me from behind. you can pick matt out, that's matt right there with the bald spot. i think if you have something about yourself you find unsatisfactory, you've got to either deal with it or get over it. so i woke up one day and said let's cut it off.

>> welcome back, how was your vacation?

>> it was fantastic. i think it looks fantastic.

>> i think it was the healthiest thing i've ever done in terms of my appearance.

>> i think you reach a certain age, this is the body i have, let's make the most of it, have fun with it, play some basketball, play some football. and at the end of the day , i think i'm probably right about the right height. 6'4" is a good height where you're tall, but not too tall.

>> my ears, nice and close to the head. never caused me a problem in my life. great ears.

>> my hands because my nephew says i have my mother's hands. you have grandma's hands. and it touched my heart and become my favorite part of my body.

>> now i like my height. i tower over everybody all the time on the "today" show and i go with it.

>> i don't think too much about myself. i know it's a real selfie world right now. but i try to focus on the beauty in other people.

>> when i think of beauty, i think of my wife.

>> beauty is inside out. it's when your eyes light up and you give off joy. to me, you look at someone and you go that's beautiful.

>> we are what we are inside. i tend to concentrate on that.

>> i think of what's behind the eyes. something that is exuded from the heart and from the soul. #loveyourselfie.

>> wow, did it get pale and pasty in here? or is it just me?

>> kathie lee --

>> we've all taken off our make-up for no-make-up monday. the idea is to peel back the layers and be comfortable with who you are.

>> how's that working out?

>> we're joined by dr. oz of the dr. oz show. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> are you wearing make-up?

>> i'm not. i'll put my hands up first. who is uncomfortable being on national television live.

>> i'll go with that.

>> we did the whole hour without make-up.

>> there's a difference walking around your neighborhood without make-up and being on national tv .

>> tv's a little less forgiving.

>> hoda, you put your hand up. do you feel naked without the make-up?

>> yeah. i like to have lipstick on. if i have nothing on but lipstick, i feel better. i dress up as yoda when we did the star wars thing. i was green with wispy hair and i put on red lipstick.

>> if you saw yourselves for the first time -- some of you, anyway, talking about things. what do you appreciate in each other? matt, i didn't appreciate the transition you made with the hair.

>> you did not?

>> that you actually embraced it.

>> you know, it was trying to get one step ahead of mother nature . she was going to take it away anyway. i think that's what we do with things we're insecure about.

>> having had children, i know kathie lee had the same thing, your body changes and doesn't go back to what it used to be. after time you fight it, but after time you learn to love it and accept it and appreciate the greatness that your body is always going to have.

>> fathers, as well. our bodies --

>> all that.

>> do i want that stomach i used to have or my children? and there's no question.

>> ends up the number one body issue. men and women for both. let me get to the survey results. we just talked about something a little earlier, 335 hours a year are spent on appearance if you're a woman, but only 100 hours less if you're a guy. does that surprise the men on the set here?

>> yeah, i didn't think we spent that much time.

>> that's a lot. only 16 minutes less per day. i was surprised men spend that much time.

>> is it important for us as guys? i think the caricatures we don't care.

>> i think it is more than you're willing to admit.

>> we'd be lying if we said we didn't care the way we look, especially in the business we're in. but i don't put that much time a day.

>> david gregory --

>> i also think guys think they look better than they do.

>> yeah.

>> it's the point you make, al, turns out men are fatter than women. but most of the time it's inverted in how we perceive. for those of you with daughters. in the survey, 85% of teen girls say they worry about their appearance weekly, 72% say daily. for boys, it's a lot, lot less. so what do we tell our daughters? so they have the right body image ?

>> we never talk about looks. we talk about being smart, we talk about being kind and generous and looking out for other people. it's not something we talk about or focus on.

>> absolutely. i do the same with my niece. we refuse to say what we don't like. if i say i don't like something about me, what am i teaching her?

>> exactly.

>> we want to say thanks to dr. oz. we have a limited amount of time to get our make-up back on.

>> take a good look.

>> and much more ahead with usher after this.