TODAY   |  February 24, 2014

Amanda Knox’s ex questions her behavior

Some wonder if Raffaele Sollecito, Knox’s ex-boyfriend, is trying to distance himself from her after they were once again convicted of murder in Italy. He caused a stir with a new interview, saying he has questions about Knox’s behavior. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> all right. let's begin this half hour, though, with the latest on the murder conviction of amanda knox . with yet another appeal on the horizon. some wonder if knox 's ex-boyfriend is now trying to distance himself from her. joe fryer has that story.

>> reporter: for more than six years, he defended his then girlfriend amanda knox in the murder of her roommate meredith kercher . but in a new interview, he says he does have some questions about knox 's behavior before kercher's body was found. he says after knox spent the night at his place, she went home to shower. when she returned hours later, he says knox was very agitated saying her front door had been broken into and she found small bloodstains in the bathroom. certainly i asked her questions, he says, why did you take a shower? why did she spend so much time there? the reporter later asks what answers do you give yourself. and he responds, i don't have answers.

>> i think he's distancing himself from her. he's saying that there is some evidence that may apply to her, doesn't apply to him.

>> reporter: a year ago, he raised similar concerns about knox 's behavior in his book. but in an appearance with savannah on "today" says he's never doubted her.

>> we are innocent.

>> reporter: they were convicted of murder in 2009 , found innocent in 2011 then found guilty again this year. in her blog this morning, knox rejected claims he was distancing himself. but does say he's frustrated pointing to an e-mail she recently received from him in which he maintains they're both innocent, but saying, i don't want to be punished for nor have to continue to justify those things that regard you and not me. knox now hopes on appeal she'll be found innocent again.

>> there was no evidence then. there is no evidence now. and there never will be any evidence.

>> reporter: italy's supreme court could hear their appeal within a year. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles .