TODAY   |  February 24, 2014

NYC mayor cuts ribbon for new TODAY plaza

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cuts the ribbon for the official re-opening of the TODAY plaza and joins the TODAY anchors in welcoming of our first official guests. “I think it’s going to be an exciting addition to New York City,” de Blasio says. “Come visit.”

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>> and we're back now at 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 24th day of february, 2014 , matt lauer along with savannah guthrie , hoda kotb joining us for our new reveal, as well, al roker , and look who stepped in here, the new mayor of new york city , bill de blasio. great to see you.

>> you've got an enthusiastic crowd here.

>> not bad. i like it.

>> and so you're here for a great reason. first of all, you're going to chat with al later on. you've met.

>> our first time actually meeting.

>> okay.

>> you're here to help us cut the ribbon and usher in a new era on our gussied up plaza here.

>> it's beautiful.

>> let me tell you, people love this part of our town and this makes it even better. i think it's going to be an exciting addition to new york city . all i can say is come visit. come visit, be a part of this.

>> there you go. you've got the biggest scissors in new york.

>> don't run with those.

>> the moment has come.

>> one, two, three --

>> yeah! [ cheers and applause ]

>> while we were gone in sochi, a lot of talented people worked very hard to fix this place up. and we're going to be showing you around in a second.

>> mayor de blasio, thank you so much for helping make it official. and hoda's here to talk about the new plaza.

>> i am. a lot of people come here and say where do i go? where do i go? 49th street. if you find this arch, you are in the right place. the ice skating rink is just through it right there. on this side, you guys, is the magic window where you can see savannah, matt, al, and natalie make faces. we always have a great crowd here. you've got to join. we have a couple -- where is vikki? 60 today?

>> yeah. i don't want to admit that.

>> is that your husband behind you?

>> good morning. i love you.

>> i love it here. this plaza's got a lot going on. carson is way at the other end.

>> hoda, can i interrupt? can we welcome in some special guests behind us here?

>> yes.

>> through the arch -- members of team usa straight from sochi! and we're going to get to talk to them in a little while. hoda, now take it away.

>> all right. carson, you've got it, i'm running to you. i'm running to you.

>> thank you. the plaza is officially opened, revamped. you're visiting from where?

>> ft. myers, florida.

>> and you don't have art supplies ?

>> no.

>> your daughter is ellie. you come over to this side of it, we've got a full poster-making set-up here. you can get in the action. michelle's helping. happy birthday.