TODAY   |  February 22, 2014

Baby saved by roadside CPR in stable condition

Five-month-old Sebastian de la Cruz was saved when his aunt administered CPR to him on a roadside in Miami, captured in dramatic photos that have gone viral. On Saturday the baby was reportedly in critical but stable condition. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> to take a look at this dramatic photo, the photos that made headlines across the country this week. it's tough to forget the image. a desperate woman jumped out of her suv. it happened on the middle of a highway in miami . starts giving cpr to her 5-month-old nephew. a photographer who rushed to the scene to help, then when he was sure that help was there, started capturing the frantic scene with his camera. the baby survived. mark potter 's in miami this morning with the very latest on the little boy 's condition. mark, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you, erica. the little boy is being treated here at the holtz children's hospital in miami . doctors say he is in critical but stable condition after a very close call that brought a number of strangers running to help. 5-month-old sebastian de la cruz , seen in these home videos , was born last september, two months premature, suffering from congestion, he and his aunt were returning from a doctor's visit when an emergency occurred. the incident on this miami highway was broadcast live on local radio .

>> we have several reports of a woman exiting her vehicle, screaming for help.

>> reporter: pamela rauseo's nephew, sebastian , had just stopped breathing. out of the car, she dropped to the ground to help the child.

>> i administered cpr , which i was scared to do, because it's seven years since i learned how to do it.

>> and i started hearing screaming.

>> reporter: behind rauseo in his car was photojournalist al diaz , who ran for help.

>> i turned in towards traffic trying to flag somebody down. and lucila stopped.

>> reporter: lucila godoy rushed to help and comfort rauseo and dial 911. diaz also found swea sweetwater police officer .

>> you think it's your own child, your own child you need to save.

>> when he started breathing, the officer took him from me, and that's when i broke down crying, out of relief.

>> reporter: with the situation under control, diaz finally took pictures for the newspaper. in photos released from the hospital, sebastian appears much better now, thanks to all the strangers who joined to help him. doctors say they don't yet know why sebastian quit breathing, but they believe his condition will improve. meantime, his aunt is thanking everyone who stopped in that traffic jam to help her, and she and the doctors are urging everyone to learn cpr to save a life this time.

>> such a great reminder. mark, thank you.