TODAY   |  February 22, 2014

Lester raps with Brian Williams in viral video

"It stopped people talking about my dancing and my vodka drinking," TODAY’s Lester Holt says of a viral video showing him rapping (thanks to some creative editing) with Brian Williams, courtesy of "The Tonight Show."

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>>> we know it was a big week for jimmy fallon , his first at the helm of "the tonight show ." he delivered a star-studded lineup, which included an appearance from one of our own, who we like to call hank. take a look.

>> come on, hank, sing that song.

>> check it out. i'll tell you why, see, i'm 6'1" and tons of fun and i dress to a "t" you see i got more clothes than mohammed, and i'm dressed maliciously everybody go hotel, motel, what you gonna do today say what drive off like o.j., everybody go hotel, motel, holiday inn if your girl starts acting up, then you take her friend [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]

>> by the way, you owned that! you owned it, hank. and the "dateline" look at the end?

>> love it. i have watched it like 15 times in one sitting.

>> i have to tell you that i guess they decided to mail me a clip before the show. yet, i woke up, i think thursday, it was 9:00 a.m . here, midnight, so i was probably on the air. i look at this clip and i'm just cracking up. and i go about my day. i was up in the mountains, didn't check twitter, and then i finally came down to work in the evening, and people were like, hey, rap for us! and i'm like, it must have gone viral. i had nothing to do with it!

>> what we all loved, too, is the many different faces of lester holt . we have them behind us. this is just a sampling of the nine different looks that you've put forth in that little clip.

>> i know it's a lot of looks. glasses, different glasses, all that. you know the best part of this going viral, though? it stopped people talking about my dancing and vodka drinking, so anything to move the subject along.

>> until you brought it up, and now, apparently, you were drunk during that clip, so you cleared it up for