TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

Swedish pop group NONONO performs ‘Pumpin Blood’

The popular Swedish trio performs their hit song “Pumpin Blood,” selected by the radio show host Elvis Duran as part of his ongoing series, “Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month.”

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this booze day, tuesday. time to meet elvis duran 's artist of the month.

>> a pop trio from sweden called no, no, no. their single may sound familiar because the songs have been featured in tv commercials and tv shows .

>> and elvis duran is here to introduce us to the band members.

>> you always have us here on cocktail dale.

>> every day is cocktail day.

>> here is the thing, no, no, no. export from sweden, we're loving. everyone is buzzing about you guys. don't know if you know how much the buzz is taking over here in america. they're on their way.

>> when you get picked for a commercial, catchy tunes, you hear the song everywhere, don't you, elvis?

>> everywhere. some of the commercials, sparkling ice.

>> i forgot about that one.

>> the song you're about to hear on " american idol " and " dancing with the stars ".

>> you didn't want to -- well, tell us how you speak better english than my swedish.

>> just what the name is about. yeah. it is just sort of a name we came up with when we say no to projects we didn't want to do, we wanted to do music we really wanted to do.

>> your artist soul.

>> yeah, and then you can say no, like need the space.

>> most artists don't think like that. this is my shot.

>> that's what i like about sara bareilles song. it is hard for some people.

>> you want to say yes and be pleasing and make an effort and say no.

>> have you said no to anything?

>> she says no all the time.

>> all the time. it took a long time for me.

>> what is your name?

>> michele.

>> vina.

>> and obias.

>> is it abba or abba ?

>> abba .

>> from now on it is abba .

>> take it way for us.

>> you're going to love nonono. listen to this.

>> careful. on the road again moving on forward unbreakable snow in the car on the highway it's so magical feeling like no one's got a hold you're a catalyst to your own happiness you know because if your heart is alive it's pumping blood if your heart is alive it's pumping blood and the whole wide world is listening and it's listening

>> okay. unique sound.

>> so, that's "pumping blood," by the way. nonono, on the verge here in the united states . i'm glad i could bring them up to see you guys.

>> he's never wrong.