TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

Teen girl creates affecting anti-bullying video

Fourteen-year-old Lauren Bush shot and edited a video called “Word Play” that dramatizes the power of words in kids’ lives. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that it only takes one person to take a stand against bullying.

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>>> teen bullying has become a big problem in the country there are growing efforts to stop it from happening.

>> take 14-year-old lauren bush , the eighth grader produce ed this video at her school called word play . it is about how putting negative labels on other kids is hurt fful and how we can all choose not to be bullied.

>> it was submitted for the united against bullying commercial challenge, a contest launched by usa network , characters unite and flip the script. and guess what?

>> what?

>> lauren won.

>> so glad for her. it inspired us to wear positive words today, which we're wearing and lauren is here with her mom shannon. how are you?

>> welcome and congratulations.

>> what a great video idea, by the way. you shot it. you didn't star in it, did you?

>> no.

>> let's let people get a taste of it. there was a little psa done on your video. let's take a look at that. i want you to stand here beside me now i'm dream ing dreaming

>> stopping bullying starts with you. find out more at

>> wow.

>> short. makes you cry. right off the bat. one person can change everything, right?

>> yes.

>> did you see a lot of bullying in your school?

>> well, you'll find it everywhere. it is not just at one school.

>> your reaction, it must have been pretty cool. a lot of kids let things go. they're not going to did a project like this. when you learned, number one, you had won this thing, that must have been quite the thrill, was it for you?

>> yeah.

>> and for mom.

>> yes.

>> when did you think, mom, when you knew what she had done?

>> i was shocked. she's pretty creative, very compassionate, very grounded.

>> she's got the wrong one on.

>> might as well leave that on too.

>> i think she's pretty happy, compassionate, she's awesome.

>> yeah. and with compassion you get two words, passionate and compassion.

>> so you shopped this at your school. what do the kids at your school think?

>> well, they definitely didn't think it would be this big. i mean --

>> did they want to participate with you? i think this is one of those things you're not -- you got a bunch of kids to do it. you shot it in no time.

>> yeah, well, i mean, they didn't really know, i guess, what i was trying to convey with this. i think they just thought it was another class project. but i really wanted to show it can just take one person to put a stop to something so --

>> it is so moving.

>> it really is. could congratulations.

>> really, really beautiful.

>> you must be very thrilled with your daughter.

>> very proud.

>> can't wait to see what you do next.

>> it is going to be big. we have a feeling.

>> awesome.

>> thank you, lauren .