TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

Latest on Miley Cyrus concert controversy revealed

E! correspondent Jason Kennedy gives TODAY the inside scoop on the latest celebrity news from the week, from the latest Miley Cyrus controversy to Seth’s Meyers’ take on ice dancing.

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>>> come on. how beautiful is that?

>> beautiful. we're going to miss that.

>> welcome back to sochi. we've got an insider's look at celebrity news.

>> that's right, from lindsay lohan 's new reality show to another miley cyrus controversy and a first ever itunes music.

>> here with your ticket to hollywood is jason kennedy .

>> jason.

>> hi, jason.

>> nice to see you.

>> everything's good. before we start, can i say something, natalie?

>> sure.

>> we went shopping the other day, ran in and i bought you --

>> not the bear!

>> i bought this polar bear for you and you didn't take it.

>> your presponse.

>> the bear brings on a rash.

>> that's a cute bear.

>> i spent a lot on that. my feelings were hurt a little bit.

>> i'll hang on to the bear. a sweet gesture. let's talk first about inner star power . we talked about miley cyrus with her concert. and apparently, she's kind of ruffling feathers again.

>> she's always ruffling feathers.

>> if you go to a miley cyrus concert, she's going to be shocking, salacious. apparently parents went there and inundating her management team we mails and phone calls saying this is preposterous, she can't be doing these things, essentially forcing upcoming venues to cancel her shows. but i spoke with live nation who is putting on the concerts. they say there's no truth to this. in fact, miley performed last night in california. it was a soldout show.

>> and her defense, she goes on stage and says this is not a show for mom and dad . you need to know that going into it. don't bring your kids --

>> like a bill clinton dancer?

>> yeah. she's flying a hot dog . all types of activity.

>> okay.

>> oh, i wish i were --

>> we can't, it's a morning show .

>> i think you know what you're getting into at this point, don't you?

>> but at some point, it's like she keeps ratcheting it up. there's got to be a point of no return.

>> you would think and she takes it to the next level and more people show up. it's working for her.

>> i guess it keeps her name out there.

>> how about pigs in a blanket ? wouldn't that be good?

>> little spicy mustard. we digress.

>> we digress.

>> we do.

>> talk about this itunes music festival .

>> never done before in the states. a good lineup, happening in austin, texas, second week of march. coldplay, imagine dragon. pit bull .

>> we love pit bull .

>> he's going to be there. and if you can't go to austin, it's not a problem, they'll be streaming it live on the itunes store again second week of march.

>> pretty cool.

>> all right.

>> photo of the week.

>> photo of the week.

>> new promotional photo with our friend lindsay lohan .

>> good old lindsay lohan . her reality series is starting march 9th on own. this is focusing on her sixth stint in rehab. there were a lot of rumors she was having trouble with production, causing delays. and a few weeks back, i interviewed oprah and she said, i don't know anything about that. it's still happening as planned on march 9th . it should be pretty interesting.

>> do you think there's still an appetite for lindsay lohan ?

>> i think there is. i mean, look, she came on fallon recently. people want to see what she's up to. there's still something there, in my opinion.

>> i think she's incredibly talented and if she can, you know, come out with a showstopper. i think she's great.

>> people like redemption.

>> they like a comeback story for sure. tweet of the week comes from funny man seth meyers .

>> that's right. why i love olympics, ice dancing starts, i hate ice dancing , ice dancing ends, ice dancing is the best.

>> good delivery there.

>> thank you.

>> can't wait to see his show. everybody's been talking about jimmy this week. but monday starts a huge new chapter. we don't know what seth's show is going to look like. maybe a little politics. it'll be interesting.

>> amy poehler 's coming on. good guests lined up.

>> cannot wait to see seth.

>> jason kennedy , it's been fun hanging with you here.

>> nice to see you. enjoy your bear.

>> i'll enjoy my bear.