TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

Wild weather, tornadoes touch down in U.S.

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Willie Geist discuss severe storms slamming the South and Midwest. Roker says that next week, the weather around much of the country will get cold again: “I’m just full of good news, Mr. Happy."

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>>> morales and willie geist . live from the olympic winter games in sochi, russia.

>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, it is february 21st , 2014 , our last morning here with you in sochi. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales from olympic park . and yes, i've got the one glove, the michael jackson thing.

>> the dr. strange look.

>> no glove.

>> it gets so cold here, though.

>> the angle of the sun goes behind this building, it gets chilly.

>> almost feels like the winter olympics sometimes.

>> sometimes.

>> speaking of weather, this crazy weather back home, the southeast, a huge story with these tornadoes.

>> yeah, we had seven tornadoes yesterday, at least. seven of them in illinois, this one in illinois. but seven states, alabama, georgia, louisiana, mississippi, north carolina , tennessee and virginia. luckily no injuries reported. but we've also got flood warnings because we've got a big warm-up coming and rain, and there's a lot of snow on the ground up to a foot and a half to 2 feet in some spots. a lot of storm drains . so we're going to be watching, we've had some severe weather making its way this morning through the southeast, there were tornadoes reported. we'll probably see some thunderstorms along the east coast as the things move through. and then --

>> uh-oh.

>> and then --

>> again?

>> i'm going to back off the polar vortex . there are elements of the polar vortex in part of it. but it is going to get cold again. it's going to drop 10 to 20 degrees below normal the latter part of next week.

>> will any of those elements include snow?

>> not so much. although there is good news starting to set up for our friends out west. looks like we might be seeing a shift in the pattern bringing desperately needed rain to california.

>> what an extreme weather across the country.

>> and january was -- noaa just put it out, fourth warmest january on record.

>> is that right?

>> yeah.

>> so --

>> all right.

>> i'm full of good news.

>> you are.

>> warmest? not coldest?

>> the warmest. did you guys see these photographs? i know you did it in your news report.

>> yeah. from miami yesterday.

>> dramatic photos taken in miami yesterday. a desperate woman. this is almost hard to watch, but it has a happy ending . a desperate woman performing cpr on her nephew moments after she jumped out of her suv screaming for help as the infant stopped breathing. other motorists stopped their cars, among them a photographer from the miami herald . he ran among cars along the dolphin expressway and found a cop in his patrol car who also jumped out to help. the photographer then took all these photographs you're looking now. the police officer took over the cpr effort on the baby along with another motorist who had stopped to help. they did get the baby breathing again, then he stopped breathing again, they started another round of successful cpr . this all playing out on a highway. photographer diaz telling the "new york daily news" as a photo journalist , you want to capture the images, but as a human being , you want to help. he reached out to the aunt who said baby sebastian is his name, he's doing better, in stable condition at the hospital. and that is great news for all of this. it's hard to look at those.

>> yeah, you wondered what transpired, what happened for him to not be able to breathe. thank goodness a happy ending to that story.

>> what a great effort by the police and also good samaritans coming out to help.