TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

TODAY ‘Love Your Selfie’ series will include first lady

In a special series next week called “Love Your Selfie,” TODAY will feature interviews with our own anchors as well as guests including Michelle Obama and Cameron Diaz, who will share their struggles with body image issues.

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>> the future, we've got a huge week planned for when we return to studio 1a . the entire u.s. figure skating team joining us right now. there you go. next week, the other athletes will be joining us for a heck of a homecoming celebration when we get back to new york.

>> we've also got our buddy usher stopping by next week and our in-depth body image in america and why millions, including some of us, do have hang-ups about our bodies.

>> i didn't like i was so tall.

>> weight is a big issue.

>> when i was a young kid, a lack of weight was an issue.

>> i don't ever feel like the girl who lost weight. we had something in our family, we called them wuggies, the top of the thighs that's a little too much on there. so i was concerned about my weight.

>> again, we're calling this "love your selfie." hoping it'll make you feel good about yourself. we'll hear from everyone.

>> cameron diaz .

>> what did i say?

>> charlize theron .

>> i'm going to have to put a call in now.