Garrick Utley
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TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

NBC newsman Garrick Utley dies at 74

The veteran reporter, a frequent substitute anchor on “NBC Nightly News” and former moderator of “Meet the Press,” passed away following a long battle with cancer.

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>>> we are sad to report that nbc news has lost a special friend and colleague. garrick utley passed away after a long bout with cancer.

>> reporter: joining nbc as a researcher, utley made his way in front of the camera to become the quintessential foreign correspondent. reporting from vietnam.

>> south vietnam is developing a measure of political stability.

>> reporter: back in the u.s., he covered national politics.

>> thousands of delegates, the democratic convention poured into miami beach .

>> reporter: even serving as a host of "meet the press" and "sunday today" joining past hosts at a reunion in 2012 .

>> foreign correspondent experience is wonderful to have this platform and the wherewithal and the budgets to go out into the world.

>> reporter: spoke german, french and spanish. before retiring from journalism, he also worked for abc news and cnn. garrick utley was 74 years old.

>> sad loss for us.

>> you see him sometimes at the elevator just as he was retiring, you forgot he was an imposing figure physically. he was a big, big guy but also intellectually.

>> i worked with him on "weekend today." and he had a wonderful sense of humor. he was also a talented, talented man. very few people know, though, it was a true story , he wanted to