TODAY   |  February 21, 2014

Butterfingered bank thief foils his own heist

Surveillance video shows a man in Maryland robbing a PNC Bank, and dropping stacks of cash on the floor. He used an umbrella to carry the cash, but police caught him when he slipped on ice.

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>>> well, a little planning goes a long way, but clearly one bank robber in maryland did not come prepared. take a look at the surveillance video from a pnc bank . the suspect was trying to leave when he dropped stacks of cash all over the floor. so he frantically tries to pick up all the money and decided to use an open umbrella as a better way to get the cash out of the bank.

>> that's bad luck .

>> later, police, when they caught up to him, he tried to run away, but he slipped on some ice and cut his head. so, yes, i guess opening that umbrella was bad luck , savannah. what not to do.