TODAY   |  February 20, 2014

Chow down! Homemade food for your pooch

Dr. Katy Nelson shows how you can make homemade dog food with ground beef, turkey bacon and eggs. Three adoptable dogs looking for forever homes try out the meals.

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>>> what better way to shower your pet with love than cooking for them.

>> why not give them the same kind of healthy dishes you make for your own family. here to show us some tasty treats is veterinarian katie nelson.

>> and our taste testers from the aspca are bam-bam, naut ica with joss, gus and nick. thank you for sticking around.

>> okay.

>> so there are sometimes you hear about food recalls with dog food and i go, oh, my god, is that my dog food . always a safe bet to make your own.

>> last year, 2013 was a record year for the number of pet food recalls . and so there have been a lot of people kind of changing the way they think about doing this. we eat fresher, healthier foods, we feel better, look better.

>> we also hear don't ever give your dog people food .

>> absolutely, absolutely. the aspca is here today with the pets. they have an amazing website, poison control website, through the aspca. there is a wonderful comprehensive list on there of things you can and cannot feed to your pets. and if you're going to do this for your pets, then you're going to work with either your veterinarian or veterinarian nutritionist. the great thing about commercial food is they are complete and balanced and so in order to do this, you need to work with a nutritionist to make it complete and balanced.

>> disclaimer. all right. let's do it.

>> ground beef . you can do any protein source that is approved. we'll start with ground beef and this is just, you know, regular old ground beef . leaner version. i think this is the 8 -- 15% lean. you'll cook that all the way through. and you'll lose a little bit -- either use canola oil or olive oil .

>> is that when you're cooking it in?

>> yes.

>> and then what do we mix in with it?

>> once you got it cooked, mix in just the rest of your oil, put in a little bit. a binding agent.

>> for the joints and things like that.

>> if you use fish oil or something like that, omega fatty acids in there, it is wonderful. brown rice , you can choose barley, sorghum, whatever.

>> we have got our blueberries. we'll mix that in. and that's a meal.

>> that's a meal.

>> use vitamin supplements your veterinarian recommended as well. this one is a little treat. we'll start with some hard boiled eggs , cut those up.

>> and we're going to make bacon and eggs for our dogs.

>> i think we should start feeding.

>> so this is already cooked. we have these little dog treats here, these are by fresh pet and fresh healthy little treats.

>> are these cooked ones?

>> these are the cooked ones here.

>> let's see -- who should we feed?

>> guys, or the dogs?

>> hold on. they're hungry.

>> all right.

>> and he wants to --

>> all right.

>> no good? you want a bite of this?

>> can they eat it?

>> absolutely they can.

>> and, you know, make sure they're all separate. pull this guy back a little bit. there we go.

>> i can't believe -- look at them.

>> wish bone loves it. want some bacon and eggs?

>> he needs a fork. he is not a dog.

>> bam-bam, nautica and wish bone