TODAY   |  February 20, 2014

Salvation Army volunteers get ambushed!

Hair stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give makeovers to two Salvation Army volunteers who always put others before themselves.

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x's and o's and a tic tac toe you can fill in the holes, let the syrup flow, yeah stack it, snack it, maybe you can bend it you can slice it up and dice it up and big it up and friend it [ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo ! try one of our fun recipes on facebook... and eggo your way! just l' eggo my eggo thursday. time for our "ambush makeovers." since there was slim pickings in our crowd with everyone in sochi sochi, we found two deserving ladies who work for the salvation army , and treated them to a brand-new look.

>> work their magic as always, our crack makeover team, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin.

>> hi, guys.

>> how are you?

>> nice to do something for these ladies. they work year round, not just at christmas when they're ringing the bells.

>> they really give it 100%.

>> all right. our first lucky lady is joan soto. 58 years old from new york city . she spends all of her time working at the salvation army , which leaves no time for herself. we decided to pamper her for the day. let's take a listen.

>> all right, your roots need a little bit. louis has some work here to do.

>> yes. little gray on top there. uh-huh.

>> you said you haven't had time.

>> no. no, i've been very busy. and i work full time , and i'm an artist and i run to the studio as much as i can. so i basically take less time for myself.

>> okay. well, this is going to be very dramatic. will you be traumatized or excited?

>> i'll be surprised.

>> okay. so she's here with her friends, bela and look at denise who is here too.

>> yes.

>> keep your blindfolds on for a second. here is joan before. all right, joan , let's see the new you.

>> wait, wait, wait, wait. are you ready? all right, take off your blindfolds, ladies.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> joan , joan , come here. look at yourself right here in this mirror.

>> that's amazing.

>> look at you spinning.

>> why don't you look right there at camera four. louis , tell us about the hair.

>> number one, we lightened the hair to soften her features and it works miracles. hair color is the one thing that works in less than half an hour. you get results. then, this is the new length, by the way, this sort of waterfall length. and --

>> midneck.

>> midneck. you can go a little longer, little shorter, whatever is appropriate for your face shape and body size. now, the other thing here to note is the side swept bang. the deep part was the number one trend we saw on the runway this year.

>> really?

>> what do you think, denise , bela?

>> fabulous.

>> loving?

>> fabulous.

>> jill that dress --

>> she's loving that.

>> i know.

>> it is flirty and this is one of the new styles and a great pattern. and we added the belt. if you is a waist, don't be afraid to put a chunky belt by maggie london.

>> great work.

>> come join your friends over here.

>> our second lady is diana lopez, 35 from long island. she's too busy taking care of others to focus for herself because she works for the salvation army so she was thrilled with the opportunity to get glammed up for the day. let's hear her story.

>> you endured so much. you were seven months pregnant when you were helping with sandy. i know you need this.

>> yes, don't have time to really think about how i look in the mornings.

>> and your baby just turned 1.

>> yes, in december. and i also have a 3-year-old. a handful.

>> a handful. you need a little glam in your life?

>> yes, a quick routine i can learn how to do. my nights and mornings are so unpredictable, i never know how much sleep i'm going to get, so something i can put together quick and still look put together.

>> okay, all right. that's a lot.

>> yeah.

>> her husband is trying to park the car, he's not here. hopefully he'll join us. her sister annabel is here, daniela and her friend denise .

>> denise is friends with everybody. okay. let's take one last look at diana before and bring out the new and i'm sure beautiful diana lopez.

>> wait, wait, wait, wait.

>> oh, well.

>> okeydokey, take off the blindfolds.

>> beautiful.

>> you want to see, diana ?

>> can i?

>> turn around, sweetie.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> awesome.

>> not black anymore. i had black hair forever.

>> you have?

>> lovely shade.

>> you look awesome.

>> everybody is happy.

>> isn't that great? a theme on today, just soften everyone's look. she had black hair forever. she wanted to change it. i wanted to change it, to belong to her, though, own it. this color is a very believable color for her. again, this side swept bang, the new length.

>> thank you.

>> thank you. the master of all. and, of course, we can't ignore enid who just emphasized the whole natural look with a very natural, soft makeup.

>> and that dress is so pretty. the little bit of lace over it like that.

>> maggie london and it does all the mixing and matching patterns for you. it is the lace and then the animal print belt. so --

>> what do you think? you love?

>> really nice.

>> beautiful.

>> everybody's happy.

>> joan , step back out here.