TODAY   |  February 19, 2014

Hot Sochi souvenirs: Caviar, sparkling wine

Conde Nast Traveler contributing editor Mark Ellwood walks TODAY through some souvenirs you can’t leave Sochi without, including Russian caviar and sparkling wine.

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>>> it is hard to believe but we only have a few more days left here in sochi. and we can't leave without checking out some of the area's finest goods. and to help us do that, we've got mark ellwood. mark, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we're going to go through the five must-haves here in sochi. you're wearing one of them.

>> part of one of them. part of a sweat suit . it's like a juicy couture suit. because bosco.

>> everywhere.

>> it's basically the russian nike . a little bit here and there. what do you think?

>> looks great. and aren't we wearing the must-have gloves?

>> we've got the gloves here. you say it's like a nike . it's a little over the top , though. you know, the styles, the patterns, it's not subtle.

>> i think it draws from the russian heritage more than nike would do. but i think it's a great souvenir. i actually love these sneakers. i would totally wear these sneakers.

>> would they be size 10?

>> they are.

>> what a shock.

>> but we've also got -- you can't leave russia without having a little bit of caviar and russian champagne .

>> okay. twist our arm. i'll try the champagne .

>> i will try the caviar, okay.

>> it's basically russian peanut butter .

>> add $1,000 a jar.

>> but not in russia , because the red caviar leak this is super cheap and you can have it on bread with butter.

>> how is it with jelly?

>> i think we'll try that. we'll try that. the champagne is fascinating. the russians were big fans of champagne in the 19th century . the czars had a champagne created for them. they made home grown champagne .

>> are we going to try that, too? all right.

>> that's delicious. and --

>> it is really good.

>> you're not supposed to call it champagne because it's not from france. but we'll call it champagne .

>> let's talk about these dolls. everybody loves these.

>> these are basically -- they are quite modern. they were only invented around 1900 , but they use traditional russian techniques. and they're based on an old russian lady babushka, the old lady we see. but i love the modern ones that have --

>> very nice.

>> i think they're the best souvenir.

>> that's a good souvenir.

>> are they expensive here?

>> quite affordable, about 20, 30 bucks. but i love the one -- we saw the one on the slopes, with her ski goggles on.

>> really quickly, we've got candies here.

>> i volunteer for the candies.

>> it's essentially the tony the tiger for russia , she's been around for about 40 years. they said she was stalin's daughter, but she's an amazing souvenir. and i love those, made in the mountains. just like regular vodka and special honey vodka.

>> i'm going to go with the regular.

>> yeah.

>> am i allowed to do that?

>> mark ellwood, thank you so