TODAY   |  February 19, 2014

Awkward! ‘Kiss Cam’ targets brother and sister

When a couple appeared on the “Kiss Cam” during a hockey game in Minneapolis on Valentine’s Day, they avoided a super awkward situation when the man held up a sign that said, “MY SISTER” with an arrow pointing at her.

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>>> almost happened to you and i. what happens when you take your sister to a hockey game on valentine's day? you've got to watch out for that pesky kiss cam. that's what happened to a guy named adam . the kiss cam starts roving around, adam and his sister each give each other a look like, oh, boy. adam is ready, he pulls out a note from his pocket. so when the kiss cam lands on him, he pulls out that detail.

>> just a coincidence.

>> exactly.

>> you've got to be prepared.

>> luckily matt also had a sign that said my sister.

>> no, i was going --

>> you were ready.

>> all right. that is "what's trending" today.