TODAY   |  February 18, 2014

Willie Geist takes a Russian food tour

Gymnast Nastia Liukin joins TODAY’s Willie Geist as he taste-tests some local cuisine in the Olympic park, including red borscht and (of course) vodka.

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>>> well, if you know one thing about us, you know we love to eat.

>> makes us happy. here in sochi, you can find some great food if you know where to go.

>> that's right, 2008 's gold medal gymnast knows her way around russian food . after all, she was born here, she took me on a culinary tour of the olympic park .

>> at the olympics, the only other athlete from around the world, but also food from around the world. today, willie geist and i are going to be eating our way around the olympic park .

>> let's do it.

>> let's go.

>> this is melt of cheese. it's got potato.

>> i guess the potato is just like the iconic goes with everything. good, really good.

>> yeah.

>> and next --

>> we're combining both of the swiss dishes right now, breaking all the swiss rules. switzerland, we're impressed.

>> very impressed.

>> all right. what's next now?

>> so next we're going to do the russian style crepes. and you can either get a dessert kind filled with chocolate or jam or they have something with caviar or ham and cheese . they're kind of like pancakes, but thin pancakes kind of like the french crepes, my grandma makes the best ones.

>> i'm impressed.

>> thanks.

>> i have no idea what you just ordered, but i'm impressed.

>> i just got the plain chocolate .

>> just straight up pancake full of chocolate.

>> are you ready to try tease?

>> these?

>> i am.

>> it's like an envelope.

>> good?

>> really good. how does that compare to your grandma's?

>> not as good, but still pretty good. definitely a lot thinner than an american pancake.

>> oh, my gosh, yeah.

>> we traveled halfway around the world to try pizza.

>> this place is normally very traditional russian restaurant, but for the spirit of the games, they've kind of transformed into it an italian place.

>> going international.

>> i think we're going to order pepperoni and cheese. okay. five minutes. perfect. great. cool. looks like that's ours. thank you.

>> beautiful. thank you very much.

>> looks good.

>> that is good russian pizza.

>> i thought to finish our day of all this food tasting, we should end up at a place which is typical russian cuisine .

>> this is actually one of my favorite russian foods. i'm excited to try it out here. it's a very traditional and typical russian food .

>> good.

>> it is good. well, thank you so much for joining me on our international food adventure.

>> i loved it. a good assignment.

>> i think it's good being on traditional russian cuisine . did you like it?

>> i did. i never had most of this stuff. it was really good.

>> well, i guess we end with this.

>> homemade vodka. yeah.

>> like a true russian.

>> that was some strong homemade vodka. brought with me, this is very, very local, good russian food . herring under the fur coat.

>> that doesn't sound right.

>> herring salad, pickled beef and vegetables. pickled apples right here.

>> apple?

>> it keeps longer. try that. this is pork gelitan. and over here, it's pickled pork belly .

>> they're really into the --

>> then pickled mushrooms.

>> the pickled mushrooms. all right.

>> and in honor of kathie and hoda.