TODAY   |  February 18, 2014

Get a glimpse of Russia’s glamorous nightlife

The off-site action in Sochi, Russia, is all about glitz, including sunset cocktails, Asian-fusion dinners, a hot club scene and late-night karaoke. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> the action here at olympic park and up on the slopes.

>> but when the sun goes down, russia's night life heats up.

>> our man, keir simmons once again got nbc to subsidize his social life . what have you done this time?

>> hey, listen, given this assignment. they said, go out, go to the bars. go to the clubs, the restaurants. and i thought i got the golden ticket and i'm sitting here this morning, and they say willie geist gets to go to the " sports illustrated " --

>> yeah.

>> all the same, i do get to go and find out what it's like to go out on the town in russia.

>> reporter: you are taking me to the coolest place?

>> i am taking you to the coolest place.

>> okay.

>> reporter: russians know how to have fun. and man about town edmund has more fun than most.

>> people want to party.

>> reporter: he owns a hip moscow bar and he's a rock star here. let the music set you free

>> reporter: who better to ask for advice? the impression for some russians is look cool but also look pretty -- don't smile.

>> i think it comes from the communist era where everything was gray.

>> reporter: that's all changed now.

>> moscow became a happening city just like london or new york, miami.

>> reporter: for a really big night out, you can start with cocktails at sunset in the mercedes bar.

>> that's good.

>> reporter: what a view. then perhaps dinner.

>> they call this asian fusion, steak and fish.

>> reporter: and end the night --

>> this looks like fun.

>> reporter: -- at soho room, one of moscow 's hippest clubs. and it's not just the russian capital. this is how they roll in st. petersburg. across the country, karaoke is all the rage.

>> just to be clear, you have to be able to dance, you have to be able to sing, and you have to be rich to make it in the russian nightclub?

>> you don't have to be able to do anything else.

>> i had planned to give you a list of the places to go to, the trouble is i can't actually remember.

>> nice ride, by the way. in a rolls?

>> it was a lot of fun.

>> looks like you had friends with you, which was nice.

>> yes.

>> the friends look very nice.

>> they were very helpful in showing me around.

>> we'll see you tomorrow.