TODAY   |  February 18, 2014

Skater Meryl Davis’ superstition: Black cats

Olympic athletes share some of their superstitions with TODAY, including skater Meryl Davis, who admits that if a black cat crosses her path, she’ll “run the other way.” Alpine skier Ted Ligety says he has a “lucky shirt” his girlfriend gave him that he wears when he races. 

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>> news, members of team usa reveal their superstitions.

>>> superstitions --

>> superstition -- i'm not superstitious. tongue twister .

>> i love having bubble gum just seeing how many pieces of double bubble i can chew. if you want to come to the rink early and watch me do that, i'll have huge cheeks.

>> i have a shirt i normally wear when i race. my girlfriend gave it to me and says it's a lucky shirt. i'm going to trust her.

>> very against superstitions.

>> my bad habit is being against superstition.

>> i guess my superstition is to be as balanced as possible and not freak out.

>> i'll knock on wood . if someone says something that i don't like.

>> what if a black cat walks in front of you.

>> run the other way.

>> for probably three years, i listened to shakira.

>> i love to start off with michael jackson 's " speed demon ."

>> all right, this is stupid superstition and i'm sick of this song.

>> it's just like speed demon headed down the highway, speed demon .