TODAY   |  February 18, 2014

Figure skater Charlie White reveals secret skill

Fresh off their gold medal win in Sochi, White and his skating partner, Meryl Davis, join TODAY, where Al Roker asked White in Russian, “Do you have a violin?” White pulled out his instrument and played a tune.

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>> once again, for al's russian class.

>> that's right. that's when we butcher a classic language that's been around for more than 1,000 years. meryl davis and charlie white . charlie , i have a question for you, and it's based on a sacred vow you made to us. it is -- [ speaking russian ]

>> what?

>> do you know what i asked you?

>> no.

>> it's do you have a violin. and you say -- in russian.

>> da.

>> very good. so, charlie -- [ speaking russian ] do you know what that means? take it away, charlie . chms chms [ cheers and applause ]

>> wow! yeah! wow!

>> yeah. i -- i think i maybe was more nervous for that than --

>> how did he do, meryl?

>> "a" plus.

>> it's been about three years since i've played the violin. so i'm honored it could be for you guys.

>> nailed it.

>> thank you.

>> i think you've learned never to make a promise to us.

>> i know better now.

>> meryl, charlie , thank you.

>> and that's al's russian class.