TODAY   |  February 18, 2014

Woman in jail for failure to return VHS tape

South Carolina woman spent the night in jail for failing to return a VHS tape she rented nine years ago. She was released after appearing before a judge.

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>>> and a woman in south carolina has more than late fees to worry about this morning. she spent a night in jail for failing to reserve a vhs tape she rented nine years ago. she allegedly rented the movie "monster in-law."

>> at least she picked a good one.

>> i was going to say, wow. she's really suffering for that. well, she came to the sheriff's office to file an unrelated report when her name was flagged for an outstanding arrest warrant. the sheriff's office said it had no choice. she was released after she appeared before the judge. and a good reminder to all of you to be kind and rewind.

>> i'm going underground right now.

>> come on.

>> i may have a couple.