TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

Freshen up your home with houseplants

HGTV co-hosts of “Going Yard” show off some perfect houseplants to freshen up your home for spring.

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>>> if you're like most people in the country and the cold has got you blue, we'll try to lift your spirits with a little green .

>> they're here to help you bring back the feel of spring into your life and bring it indoors. nice to see you guys.

>> nice to see you as well.

>> before we tiptoe indoors, are there any plants working and living outdoors?

>> right now we're under a foot of snow. a foot of snow on friday night, but the snow is good, it give a blanket for the bulbs popping out hopefully soon and more water.

>> more water.

>> going to be a beautiful spring, hopefully, because of that.

>> with all the water, it better be.

>> let's take us inside then.

>> i think a lot of people forget when they're designing the inside of their home that you need to add something living. so the two corners of this room, a great plant for an odd corner, adds some light and a lot of color and unexpected piece of design to a room.

>> people are so afraid they're going to kill it. that can be quite an investment, a tree that big.

>> absolutely.

>> they have to learn how to take care of it.

>> are they tough to care for?

>> behind you is an umbrella tree , it looks like little umbrellas, it is easy to maintain. it will tell you when it needs water. the leaves will start drooping. nasa did a study. you need one plant for 100 square feet . it will help clean the air, help give you more oxygen.

>> tons of them. i love them. i get that -- got to get something green, you know?

>> i think you can tell when they need water, not something you really need to pay attention to all day every day.

>> brown means what and yellow means what?

>> brown means you overwatered. yellow means underwatered?

>> i'm asking, which is which?

>> i think brown means overwatered.

>> you think?

>> you have to clean the leaves.

>> you do?

>> yeah.

>> you'll get dust on the leaves and this is where it takes in all the carbon dioxide, emits the oxygen. if you don't clean the leaves. look at that one. that one was really dirty.

>> it can take a while, i many say.

>> yeah. that's right.

>> you do a little at a time. like dusting your house.

>> how much light do these guys need?

>> all they need is a little indirect light. same with these. in this study, nasa said, 100 per square feet . ivy is hard to kill. that is tough.

>> just about a minute, kids.

>> we have great indoor plants for -- your cactus barely needs any water. you have rocks, charcoal to absorb the moisture and sand on top of your potting soil.

>> that's a fun project for little kids.

>> i made this one myself. it was really, really easy.

>> i love the succulents. they're nice.

>> what about this?

>> we have plants that peel. we have some mint, parsley and of course aloe. and my mom had a big aloe tree growing up, she had three boys. this one is a little sad now. on the ride up, we kept it too close to the window. but with aloe