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TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

Need a man? Try making these brownies

Hoda and Kathie Lee chat about the hot topics of the day, including a unique recipe for “man-catcher” brownies, featured in Ladies Home Journal, that are apparently so delicious they can help you snag a date.

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>> oh, hello, everybody. hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. it is fun day, monday, february 17th , presidents' day, lots of kids are home from school today. we're very blessed today because we have three quarters of mt. rushmore. apparently george washington is somewhere running down 48th street. very exciting.

>> but we do have lincoln .

>> lincoln is right here.

>> where is jefferson ?

>> right here. thomas jefferson .

>> and where is teddy roosevelt ?

>> they're not allowed to speak. i would love to ask teddy if fdr is so upset that you made it and he didn't.

>> kind of.

>> we'll try to put them in the correct order. if you looked at mt. rushmore, what order would the four be in? we should wait until george gets here. why don't we use the three and if he comes in, we'll figure it out.

>> he was first president, he deserves a little more respect than that.

>> i don't know what order they're in.

>> i don't either. we should delay it until we run out of time.

>> i would like to keep them in the exact order they're in now. roosevelt and move on down --

>> jefferson and --

>> are we correct in that order?

>> are we right?

>> nobody knows.

>> the answer is --

>> it is washington.

>> that's what we said.

>> yes.

>> and then jefferson .

>> that's what we said.

>> and then lincoln --

>> these two have to turn around.

>> oh, yeah.

>> roosevelt and then --

>> would you gentlemen please switch? hoda, have you ever been there?

>> no, i have not.

>> they're celebrating 125 years of the south dakota tourism board and it is really one of the most fantastic places i've been in my life. regis and i went years ago to do the show. i didn't want to go. i wasn't interested. i got there and i did not want to leave. it is so beautiful and it is really inspiring and they're doing this amazing work on crazy horse right near there too, which is -- we took a helicopter around to see what was going on.

>> when did you go?

>> 1892 . it was amazing. they have come a long way since then. the summer, the most amazing stones you'll ever see in your life.

>> thank you for coming.

>> if george comes out, we'll make sure he gets a cameo.

>> be careful.

>> nice talking to you. good-bye. bye-bye.

>> they're women under there.

>> hey, you're not supposed to reveal that. at least their mothers are proud.

>> how was your weekend? i bet you had a better one than i did.

>> i went to flex muscle -- which you've been trying to --

>> i've been trying to get you to go. they have the best mussels, the warm bread, you soak in the stuff. they have truffle fries that make you want to die, so delicious. we had ice cold martinis and a dessert at flex mussel is a warm caramel -- caramel -- which one is it?

>> caramel.

>> caramel?

>> caramel.

>> whatever.

>> warm salty caramel doughnut you bite into it and --

>> what happened to not eating sweets?

>> that went away, just for a minute. how was your weekend?

>> i had -- not the way you want to spend your valentine's. frank and i had a sweet valentine's lunch because that evening we had to go to a wake, not a funny thing at all. my dear friend jackie, who has been doing my nails for 24 years and has become a precious friend , her husband of many, many years, 22 or 23, died suddenly of lung cancer . that was not the way to start up the weekend, but i send her family all my love. but then, i'll do my favorite things, i might as well, only because how often do you ever get a chance to own up on a weekend? i never have a chance just to read for fun. i'm always doing podcast getting ready for or -- well, i did read a book for my podcast. today i'll be interview ing tony and lauren dungy.

>> the super bowl winning -- it is a beautiful book about the commitment of marriage. i had to read that. and i enjoyed it more than i -- i thought it was going to be homework, but i enjoyed it. i also told you i was going to read this. i read for 12 hours straight on saturday and just stopped -- just for the essentials. and this is "the traitor's wife" by allison shiitake. it is one of the best, best historical novels . i was riveted. $10.72 from i couldn't put it down. such a joy. snow was coming down. and just to read a book for fun --

>> i love it.

>> really well done. congratulations to her. a debut novel and really researched beautifully.

>> and written beautifully.

>> and will be an unbelievable movie if they make it.

>> yep.

>> we cozied up too a little bit and watched this great -- if you have a chance, this is my favorite thing, a documentary called "20 feet from stardom," back feet singers 20 feet away from the big mike and you wonder why are they not the star? they have voices like aretha franklin , darlene love , listen to this. if you really want me home the do run, run, run the do run, run

>> that was perfect!

>> by the way, so it goes through darlene's life when she was younger and backup singer . it is a fascinating, fascinating, fascinating documentary.

>> they get a real look at what it is really like.

>> they do.

>> they have the anonymity but the excitement of being part of it, you know?

>> we have the -- where is our jimmy fallon sign? here it is. okay. so we don't -- we begged him. we just sent him one e-mail, but anyway, he was busy. anyway, so, but we do have the jimmy fallon sign, we're so excited he's starting tonight. he's going to be on at midnight. oh, my god, george washington --

>> come on in, george .

>> anyway --

>> you know what, george ? we don't want to --

>> we're happy you made it, george .

>> how is 48th street? not great? got stuck.

>> i would love to know what kept him on 48th street.

>> traffic. okay.

>> george , thank you.

>> thank you for your service to our nation, sir. you are prominently involved in "the traitor's wife." you remember that? did you know that -- you knew that part of peggy, didn't you? peggy arnold, benedict arnold 's wife was a tramp. oh, yes.

>> nice talking to you.

>> thank you, george .

>> by the way, good luck to jimmy tonight. tonight is his big night . it starts at midnight.

>> a little later than normal because of the olympic coverage. but i hope he just kills it. he's going to. we wish him all the best. fans have been lining up. we have got everybody over here.

>> they have got a great lineup. u2, will smith . there were folks outside this morning hoping to get some tickets, free tickets to watch jimmy's very, very first night. and so we don't know how many got in, but we sure hope they did. anyway, we love you, jimmy, wish you the best.

>> hopefully he'll be able to find some material that doesn't involve us.

>> i doubt it.

>> i know. olympic medals. now we have four gold.

>> still four gold.

>> four silver, and eight bronze for a total of 16. of our 16 shots are hidden behind the brownies, four of them are vodka, the rest are water. we have excellent odds. let's get involved.

>> you too.

>> no, no, no. i don't do shots and you know that.

>> here she goes. i say it's not. down the hatch.

>> you set a wonderful example for the children home today from school.

>> it was water. just say it was water.

>> smell that. put your finger in that. that is not water.

>> distilled water .

>> oh, my god. you know what, what were the odds there? tell me again?

>> one to a lot. shouldn't happen. shouldn't happen.

>> now, we have been assured by " ladies home journal ," if you want to catch a man, these are called man-catcher brownies. if you had a rough valentine's day, it is wonderful for people like you, hoda woman, but for those who are lonely --

>> i've been lonely for valentine's day. it is not so bad. go out with your friends.

>> we'll put them to the test. they say if you eat these brownies, you feed them to the men in your life, you will get a man within a year. now, hoda --

>> german chocolate cake mix, pecans, caramel, evaporated milk.

>> i thought you were going to feed them -- what are you doing?

>> oh, okay.

>> anyway. this is, again, thanks to " ladies home journal ."

>> anybody else?

>> " ladies home journal " says you'll get your man if you feed them these brownies.

>> what happens if you've got your man and you feed him? your man will get fat, right?

>> you're right, you're right.