TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

Powerball jackpot soars to $400 million

In TODAY’s Take, Al, Natalie, and Willie discuss the rising Powerball jackpot, now at $400 million after failing to claim a winner over the weekend.

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>>> from nbc news this is a special edition of "today's take." with al roker , natalie morales , and willie geist . live from the olympic winter games in sochi , russia.

>> welcome to "today" on a monday morning, it's february 17th , 2014 . yes, it is presidents' day. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales in sochi 's olympic park . we've got fun things lined up this morning.

>> we do.

>> big surprise, just off camera, very special guest.

>> not that bear again, is it?

>> no.

>> that bear. wow.

>> the bear.

>> man, the bear.

>> the bear was aggressive.

>> a little -- i think he'd been hibernating a little too long. came out of the cave.

>> he was looking for honey pot .

>> whoa!

>> natalie!

>> el. eh. i don't want to tell you. dark natalie.

>> i think they gave him a talking to. because then he calmed down a little bit.

>> i tried to intervene on your behalf and then i was victimized. it kept getting worse.

>> you got the hug from behind.

>> it was very much like when we had the halloween.

>> i was thinking, like, please, don't let that happen again.

>> much taller.

>> you're going to like that.

>> you can't unsee that.

>> hey, you guys at home are excited right now. we've got this power ball jackpot, $400 million. it's the fourth biggest power ball jackpot ever, the sixth highest lottery prize of all time. nobody matched all six numbers for saturday's, which was $330 million, the next drawing on wednesday. the lump sum in case you're wondering $227.8 million.

>> we've got to call our spouses.

>> there's a little problem, though. i think the control room can help. guys?

>> which one's ours?

>> are you going to split with us, guys?

>> none. we get nothing?

>> we've got none.

>> they're just taunting us from the control room .

>> that's not fair at all. but the odds of winning 1 in 175 million.

>> i think --

>> 43 states, washington, d.c. and the u.s. virgin islands all taking part. and our control room .

>> they'll share.

>> they're not going to share. seriously.

>> they'll share in the pizza party. that's about it.

>> these are the same people that when we have to work overtime run up, just take all the pizza and then when we get upstairs, there's nothing. and nobody shares.

>> we touched a nerve on the pizza guys. take this up offline.

>> i'm hungry.

>> so right here in sochi , it's a little bit strange the weather got really cold up in the mountains.

>> foggy.

>> it's been fog. rolls right in.

>> can't see them behind us. yeah, check this out. this is what rosa khutor looked like earlier today. in the mountains where they do the skiing and snowboarding. two events called off. the men's 15-kilometer biathlon.

>> i think the biathlon is the one to do.

>> i'm no athlete. i was going to say, i want as clear a shot as possible. hey, bob!

>> it's possible. look at the venue there. it's ridiculous.

>> it's like a bad daffy duck -- you're despicable.

>> there's the shooting range. i think that's a good call. i really do.

>> snowboard cross , so that apparently is, i guess, go on a little bit later under a modified format.

>> they're going to use their standings from before -- from the previous year.

>> they basically have qualified all