TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

How do Olympic mascots get around?

Willie Geist is in the Sochi Orange Room with Bely Mishka, the polar bear who is one of the three mascots of the Winter Olympics, who shows us how the mascots get around the Olympic park (or try to, at least).

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>>> check in with willie in the orange room .

>> guys, i'm here with the polar bear , one of the official mascots of the sochi games. big fan of natalie morales , turns out.

>> i love the polar bear .

>> we see this polar bear everywhere we go. how does he get around from venue to venue? well, we learned in painful fashion friday. how do you get this melon inside a vehicle? it's a lot more difficult than you think as it turns out. look at the video here. this went on this way for two minutes. we don't have time to show the whole thing. just flat out couldn't get his noggin inside the car. so after two minutes, here's the solution. open up the backseat, put him horizontal and shove him into the car. you'll see it happen here in a second.

>> i've seen that happen in brooklyn.

>> it's the only way to get out. is that how you travel now mr. polar bear ? they had to kind of stuff him into the backseat.

>> hilarious.

>> he's a big guy with a big head and that's the only way to get around.

>> and a really big heart.

>> a big heart. yes.

>> you feeling okay? the head's good? oh. oh.

>> i think you're dating.