TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

Cheers pour in for Olympic hockey star T.J. Oshie

Hockey center Timothy “T.J.” Oshie acquired viral fame after his stunning performance for Team USA in a shootout win over Russia during the Winter Olympics, gaining thousands of new followers on Twitter.

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>> two guys in this game on social media .

>> absolutely. send those guys up. we have a couple viewer questions for them, as well. it's been oshie mania for the last 24 hours . gained 140,000 twitter followers since the start of the winter olympics . during saturday's usa/russia game he was mentioned in over 136,000 tweets just during the game alone. and the love coming in from all over the place. check this out, celebrations spanning the globe. these are american soldiers stationed in afghanistan cheering as that last win. meanwhile, back in the bars in the united states , capturing celebrations. boston's bar and grill erupts. that's boston. he plays from st. louis. they love him there, too. new york city 's saloon was going nuts, as well. and declan's irish pub , it was 9:30 in the morning and they had packed the bar to watch this guy play. t.j., come on in here, congratulations, man. we've got questions from our viewers for you. asking an olympian. he asks, what's a must-have before game day ? superstitions before the game ? eat anything, do anything before the game ?

>> i think typically every hockey player has a pregame meal and that usually consists of pasta and chicken or steak and then whatever kind of sauce you want.

>> nothing too crazy? you don't wear different socks, same socks?

>> not me, no. some people have their things they do. i tend to keep it pretty loose.

>> okay. this one i think is more of a rhetorical question . dixie asks, it's from her husband. how does it feel to know my wife would leave me for you in two seconds?

>> that's a crazy one. i'm not actually that cool.

>> don't answer that. thanks for stopping by. congratulations again. enj guys, back to you.