TODAY   |  February 16, 2014

Rescue crews attempt to reach 200 trapped miners in South Africa

A large group of men became trapped underground after mining illegally at a spot near Johannesburg. Officials have been able to communicate with some of them, but not all. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> south africa this morning, rescue crews are scrambling to reach more than 00 miners reported to be trapped underground happening mere johannesburg. duncan has the details to are this us, good morning.

>> good morning, erica. this rescue is happening right now at an abandoned gold mine in a suburb near pretoria in south africa . emergency services there say they've been able to make contact with about 30 men who are trapped below ground, reportedly those men weren't meant to be down there. the men say they became trapped by falling boulders and they say that 200 more men are trapped even further below ground. heavy lifting equipment and cranes are there trying to clear away. so far no reports of casualties, but sadly, people being hurt and people dying is nothing new in south africa 's abandoned mines , where men go down into the shafts, the incredible risks apparently outweighed by the potential rewards. erica?

>> all right, dun tcan golestani, thank you.