TODAY   |  February 16, 2014

Northeast slammed by another blizzard

Snow blanketed many parts of the Northeast on Saturday, bringing more snow and high winds to a storm-weary region. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> parts of new england waking up to as much as a foot of new snow. the winter that feels like it may never end delivered another pounding storm to millions. dylan dreyer is in the middle of it, joins us from chatham, massachusetts. dylan, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. don't let the sunshine out here fool you. it is absolutely freezing out here with windchills well down into the single digits. it was a nasty day yesterday, parts of the western cape ended up with about 15 inches of snow in areas like sandwich. here in chatham we didn't pick up as much snow because we had a lot of ice and it was a wind-swept ice. look at these poles. you can see one side of the pole is totally coated in snow and ice, and that is now just the latest danger in what has been an epic winter.

>> it's crazy. we've had so much this year already. and we're getting another blizzard.

>> reporter: blizzard conditions pounding the northeast coast overnight with heavy snow driven by winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour. it's the second major snowstorm to hit new england in 48 hours . before it's over a fresh, heavy wet blanket on top of layers of packed snow from an endless winter.

>> i feel like it's siberia.

>> reporter: know fall at three inches per hour challenged even the veteran new england road crews.

>> under these conditions, it really isn't possible for us to keep the roads clear and safe, given the rate of snowfall.

>> reporter: the massachusetts governor asked drivers to stay off the roads for 12 hours starting last night. several thousand customers have lost electricity in massachusetts. the powerless will suffer through subfreezing temperatures as they dig out once more today. and this storm system is long gone now, it's actually moving up into new foundland, wind gusts up to near 100 miles per hour. the biggest concern is salt. some areas will have to pay double to triple what they would normally pay for salt because we're just starting to run out. erica?