TODAY   |  February 15, 2014

Another storm to hit as massive cleanup continues

Snowy conditions have complicated travel, with thousands of flights canceled and a pileup on a Pennsylvania turnpike. More snow is on the way and weather advisories have been announced for New England. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> there are still hundreds of flight cancellations people are dealing with this morning. nearly 150,000 people remain without power as the east coast does its very best to dig out from that storm. dylan dreyer is at new york's laguardia airport this morning. dylan, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. you know, we have dealt with storm after storm. we have seen thousands of flight delays and cancellations. driving have been absolutely treacherous. hundreds of thousands of people have been in the dark. and the shoveling, forget about it! it is really testing americans' endurance in this winter that just won't quit. adding insult to injury, fresh snow overnight in parts of the eastern seaboard . many places haven't finished digging out from a fierce winter storm earlier this week.

>> clean off all the cars again, shovel the driveway, again.

>> reporter: the airlines are still recovering. more than 8,000 flights canceled and 11,000 delayed in the u.s. thursday and friday. so far this winter, the numbers are staggering -- nearly 100,000 flights canceled. economists say the cost of that to the economy is somewhere between $15 and $50 billion. back on the ground, it's still far from business as usual on the roads, but the pennsylvania turnpike is open again after a huge pileup friday. nearly 350,000 customers are still waiting for the power to come back on in georgia and in the carolinas.

>> could be several days before we have some kind of normality.

>> reporter: all of this snow has taken on roofs in new jersey. the snow-laden dome of this sports facility came down with workers still inside.

>> right there along the 5 yard line, the snow just fell down through there and the sunlight came through as the snow was falling.

>> reporter: and the new york city sanitation department is taking disciplinary action days after one of its trucks plowed heavy snow across a sidewalk and into a restaurant, knocking over customers. now a sudden warm-up could bring dangers of its own, especially if all that snow melts too quickly and there's flash flooding . but more cold is just too much for some people to think about.

>> i'm done with winter. officially.

>> reporter: and the last thing you want to hear is more snow, but it is getting closer as the next storm system ramps up. a little clipper system that's actually going to strengthen by the time it gets up into the new england area. so, this is going to be more of a massachusetts , up into maine snowstorm with very strong, gusty winds as well. the storm right now has already prompted the national weather service to issue these winter weather advisories and even blizzard warnings along the coast of massachusetts , especially cape cod , where we could see very intense wind gusts. here's where it is right now. it's a lot of rain down through virginia. again, all of that snow down there is soaking up that water. it's going to really weigh down on anything it's still coating, but it turns into this nor'easter, where we could end up with wind gusts up near 55 miles per hour as it makes its way up across new england, especially by the time get into tonight. that's when it's going to be most intense. visibilities will reduce down to a quarter of a mile. but then by 7:00 sunday morning, it already exits massachusetts and makes its way up into maine . now, we are looking perhaps in parts of southeastern mass to end up with about 10 to 12 inches of snow , but then you get that ocean enhancement, and we could see even some higher amounts. all across maine , though, we could end up easily with a foot and a half as that storm really ramps up and intensifies as we go into tonight and early tomorrow morning . erica?