TODAY   |  February 15, 2014

Watch octopus grab hold of diver’s camera

Divers off the California coast met an octopus that was so curious about an underwater camera it decided to use its many tentacles to investigate. TODAY’s Erica Hill reports.

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>>> and an underwater encounter of the eight-armed variety. take a look at this video. here you go. a pair of scuba divers in carmel, california, they were about 80 feet down in the water when they came across this guy, a giant pacific octopus , which as you can see here, swam up, gave the camera a little hug there, and then didn't let go, trying to pull their camera away. the octopus latched on for a good few moments before one of the divers then flashed, as you can see there, flashed the camera's lights. that scared the big guy away. the giant pacific octopus is said to be rather shy. this one's perhaps not. lester, you may remember, i met a giant pacific octopus at the national aquarium in baltimore last year, and they'll reach out and touch you. so.

>> always bring your flash along, right?

>> there you go.

>> erica, thanks very much.

>> that is a look at the news. i think dylan