TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Wins and losses of the Olympics, in photos

PEOPLE magazine’s Johnny Dodd presents photos of reactions from Olympic athletes who won and loss in their competitive sports.

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>> and it's often the still photographs that capture the thrill of victory.

>> good to see you.

>> great to be here. thanks.

>> wednesday, germany's eric frenzel winning in the nordic combined . and he couldn't seem to contain his excitement up there on the medal stand.

>> well, he's had one heck of a year and sort of dominated the sport this year. and he was quite excited. nailed it.

>> you strike a pose, that's the pose right there, right?

>> yes. and he jumped and skied to a big victory.

>> i like the reaction to the other two. what is going on up there? you win the gold, you do whatever you want . we've been talking an awful lot about the weather here in sochi. yesterday, we saw a lot of people training and competing in short sleeves. one of the american cross-country skiers personified that. look at that.

>> yes. she was in the tank top. that was in the 10 kilometer race. and she finished 32nd. but it was balmy up there, around 60, the snow was compared to fur, skiing on fur.

>> not the best conditions. all right. a lot of incredible images, as well from the ice skating . and let's take a look at the russian skating pair. tatiana and maxim. i love this one. the expression on their faces. they knew at that point they'd won the gold, right?

>> yeah, they did. what you don't see is a little bit before that he slid across the ice on his knees like a hockey player, slid across the ring.

>> that's passion right there.

>> yeah.

>> we got it moment.

>> very cool. great shots. johnny,