TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Sports Illustrated reveals racy new swimsuit cover

In celebration of the magazine’s 50th anniversary, the company unveiled a sexy S.I. swimsuit cover featuring three models.

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>> all right. well, speaking of valentine's. this is a good one for you guys. happy valentine's day as we show you " sports illustrated " latest swimsuit edition. celebrating a huge milestone, the 50th anniversary , and take a look at the cover. gracing the cover this year, we're leaving something to the imagination.

>> that's right. the ribbon there, of course --

>> their behinds we're not showing.

>> no, it's little heart bikinis.

>> the full cover is at obviously, they got a little behind in their work. monday, we're going to have the first live interviews with the models right here on "today."

>> all right. that sounds cool.

>> little interview situation right there.

>> is that a euphemism for something?

>> yes, i did interview some of the models, natalie. thank you.