TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Clever (and corny) Olympic pickup lines

Check out some of the most clever and adorable Olympic-focused pickup lines that are going viral on the web.

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>> way to spread the love on twitter, right, willie?

>> yeah. actually this comes to us from our buddy jimmy fallon . "tonight show" starts on monday, he's doing something with #olympicpickuplines. one tweeted in, hey, girl, are you a skiing event? because i would travel cross-country for you.

>> good one.

>> i'm going to enlist the help of some of our buddies who read some of the other ones. these are our podium sweepers here from slopestyle. let's start with you, joss. look into the camera and deliver that line.

>> a kid tweeted, i'm not curler, but i think i could sweep you off your feet.

>> boom. nice.

>> there you go.

>> gus, let's see it, buddy.

>> tweeted, did you just fall from heaven? or did your hotel room floor just cave in?

>> hotel problems. nick, let's hear what you've got.

>> and tweeted, you know what my country's ski jacket is made of? boyfriend material.