TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Be my Sochi Valentine? Learn romantic Russian phrases

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, TODAY’s Al Roker gives a lesson in reciting romantic Russian lines.

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>> all right. ladies and gentlemen , it's our olympic al's russian class. today's students, medal-winning skiers, joss christiansen, kenworthy, and goepper. nick, we understand you're looking for love.

>> i am.

>> yeah? all right.

>> looking for love. one more time.

>> yaha chilubte.

>> what does that mean?

>> it means looking for love.

>> i love you or call me, i don't know.

>> i'm looking for love. yeah. you got it. thank you. thank you!

>> yeah.

>> we've learned.

>> what was the hashtag?

>> #iwanttodatenick. it's up on social media , ladies.

>> wow.

>> this is the international language of love.

>> yeah. if you see one from from @savannahguthrie -- pass that one over.

>> all right. thanks, guys. we appreciate it.