TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Meredith Vieira to anchor Olympics in prime time

The NBC special anchor will make history as the first woman to anchor Olympics prime time coverage, taking the reins from TODAY’s Matt Lauer who stepped in to replace NBC’s Bob Costas after he was sidelined by an eye infection.

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>> ceremony. and the reason she's not here this morning is because she's about to go to bed. meredith is with us on the phone. what's it about?

>> hey, matt. you know what, it's so funny i woke up this morning , i was feeling fine and now my eyes are killing me. i watch you guys attend the luge, i think i'm going blind . and i'm worried i have to go prime time tonight.

>> that's right.

>> it's very exciting.

>> yeah. that's great. you know, you're going to do it, i think tonight and tomorrow night. bob costas , his eyes have been kind of bothering him.

>> yeah. actually, he's got a message. he says he's feeling better, on the mend, appreciates everybody's support and says he hopes he'll be back, too, otherwise he'll have to call kathie lee and hoda to fill in.

>> it's an honor to fill in for him. you think about the olympics, the athletes and then bob costas .

>> you're going to do a great job. how long are you going to sleep before you have to head over there?

>> well, i'm in the bar now, i'll probably pass out and then --

>> oh. that's what you did. if it worked for you, it'll work for me.

>> we're counting on you meredith .

>> check out meredith hosting prime time coverage of the olympics tonight right here on nbc.