TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Al to NYC mayor: Sorry for one tweet

TODAY’s Al Roker apologized Friday for a “low blow” comment he made about Bill de Blasio on Thursday, but stood by all of his other criticism toward the New York City mayor over the way he handled school closures during this week’s major winter storm.

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>> well, look, i understand one of the reasons they keep the schools open is because kids -- a lot of kids count on the meals they get at school. i understand that. but other cities have those issues, too. and they close schools. it's about safety. safety first, the children, that's what we talk about. parents who can't afford to stay home. i get that, too. but, again, what's more difficult? to know your kids are going to stay home? or all of a sudden figure out how to get them home when school lets out early. i will say, the one tweet i do regret in the heat -- i'm very passionate about the weather. i made a prediction there would be only one term of his administration. i apologize for that. that was -- that was a little below the line . but everything else, i still stand by. including the fact that the national weather service did forecast