TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

‘It’s about safety’: Al on Twitter tussle with NYC mayor

After TODAY’s Al Roker had a Twitter feud Thursday with New York mayor Bill de Blasio over his refusal to close public schools amid severe weather warnings, Roker said that though he stands by his point, he regrets one tweet predicting De Blasio would only hold office for one term.

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>> a turn and see what willie has cooking in the orange room . and i think it might be al roker , actually.

>> it's roker-related. a group of us out to dinner last night. al's over there punching away on his phone with a serious look on his face. we assumed he was talking with his wife, maybe getting in touch with the kids. in fact, he was going back and forth with the mayor of new york city about whether or not he should've closed the schools. he did not close the schools. among the tweets hep sent out, mr. mayor, the snow policy is ridiculous, tell people to stay off the roads and stay home but send your kids, teacher staff in. in a press conference, the mayor was asked in realtime about al roker 's tweet.

>> i respect al roker a lot, watched him on tv for many, many years. it's a different thing to run a city than to give the weather on tv. so i am comfortable with our decisionmaking. and we just got off the phone with the national weather service . and again, i respect all the meteorologists out there. but the one i respect the most is called national weather service .

>> so at that very same dinner, al gets word of that. i know, right? al tweets out, mr. mayor, i could never run new york city , but i know when it's time to keep kids home from school. al, i was with you. i was watching you do it. you were making a serious point about the national weather service . in fact, that he had, in fact, been warned, the chancellor had been warned.

>> well, look, i understand one of the reasons they keep the schools open is because kids -- a lot of kids count on the meals they get at school. i understand that. but other cities have those issues, too. and they close schools. it's about safety. safety first, the children, that's what we talk about. parents who can't afford to stay home. i get that, too. but, again, what's more difficult? to know your kids are going to stay home? or all of a sudden figure out how to get them home when school lets out early. i will say, the one tweet i do regret in the heat -- i'm very passionate about the weather. i made a prediction there would be only one term of his administration. i apologize for that. that was -- that was a little below the line . but everything else, i still stand by. including the fact that the national weather service did forecast that on wednesday.

>> by the way, ioc just added tweeting to the 2018 winter games .

>> yes. again, i apologize for the low-blow one.