TODAY   |  February 14, 2014

Storm leaves thousands without power

A strong winter storm has left much of the country on ice as residents and officials struggle to manage a hard hit of snow and freezing temperatures. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> once again, the weather back home is our top story. what a mess. this brutal winter weather as round two of the latest storm slams the northeast. more than 316,000 people remain without power this morning.

>> and the airlines, boy, they had work to do, roughly 14,000 flights have been canceled this week due to the weather alone. add to that the totals from winters 14 other storms, you get the highest number of cancellations in more than 25 years. some 75,000 since december 1st .

>> we'll get al's take on all this in a moment. but we want to begin with dylan dreyer who is 20 miles north of philadelphia . dylan , good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. i mean, enough with the snow already. last night we had another 2 inches of snowfall here in this area. and what makes it more dangerous is the fact that as temperatures drop, all of this snow and slush from yesterday is freezing over. now the big concern now that power crews are -- to get the power back on in many areas. the fear is this storm that has killed people in at least seven states could become even more deadly.

>> reporter: far from the dog days of summer --

>> thick and heavy.

>> reporter: so heavy, it can tear down trees.

>> this one does make me nervous.

>> reporter: this storm that stretched from texas to new england left most of the east on ice. down wires made driving dangerous.

>> a corvette in the snow?

>> yeah, i don't know what made them come out.

>> reporter: in north carolina , they cleared away a band of cars. in virginia, one highway worker was killed, crushed by another truck while a snowplow struck and killed a 36-year-old woman in brooklyn. another government shutdown in washington with only these workers left at the capitol. snowfall measured in feet. but for the economy, billions, a $15 billion hit by one estimate for businesses this winter. but not mike soloman's plow business near philadelphia .

>> i can't wait to get the money and go to mexico.

>> reporter: while chris in new jersey struggled even to get his suv out of more than a foot of snow to get to work. with a valentine's day delivery deadline that can't wait.

>> i have a delivery.

>> flowers on today?

>> happy valentine's day from --

>> thank you.

>> back near philly, the region's largest mall was left seeing white, not green.

>> you're liking this winter?

>> definitely.

>> yeah.

>> reporter: the steward family just got power back from the last storm.

>> i don't think we've had a full week probably for the last two months.

>> reporter: no power, but lots of energy.

>> one, two, three --

>> reporter: now philadelphia area schools are closed again today, and the school year has already been extended for those kids until at least the middle of june. now, there's no relief yet. we have more snow to talk about later on tonight and tomorrow. but the good news is, by time we get to the end of next week, temperatures will start to warm up. guys, that being said, a warm-up around here is still going to be about ten degrees colder than it is over there in sochi.

>> dylan , all right. well, hang in there. she's outside of philadelphia this morning. thank you.

>> i think my kids are going to go to school until about august.

>> that is the other side of this, too. and unfortunately, we do have another storm coming in. let's look at the snowfall totals we've picked up out of this system so far. roanoke picking up 21 inches, charlottesville, 13 inches. as you make your way up, 22 inches, philadelphia over 10 inches, new york city , 11 1/2, boston still getting some snow at 3.2 inches. they'll pick up another couple of inches as this system winds up and out. as you can see, snow through upstate new england . it starts as a clipper in the midwest, wintery conditions from iowa to the ohio valley to the south, there'll be heavy showers and thunderstorms. then it transitions its energy into a nor'easter. rain along the mid- atlantic coast . but then during the day saturday, as it makes its way up, look at snow from new york on into new england , gusty winds up to 50 miles per hour. heavy snow in new england . temperatures, snowfall amounts generally about 2 to 3 inches in the ohio valley . but as you get up into new england , we're looking at snowfall amounts that could be over almost 2 feet in northern maine. so we're going to be really watching this system closely because any deviation of the track could increase the snowfall along the eastern sea board.

>> and you've had strong opinions about the closing or lack thereof of schools. we'll talk more about that in a little while.

>> yes, we will.