TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Comedy troupe’s film-title conversation goes viral

A group of Brooklyn comedians staged a very clever sketch spoken entirely in movie titles that is quickly gaining traction online.

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>>> look at that shot. that is gorgeous. we're getting all the light this week. it's a beautiful shot here, back in olympic park in sochi, russia .

>> one of our camera guys said "isn't that the same moon we have?"

>> no, they make different moons here in russia . they have more moons here.

>> looks a little different after three or four vodkas, doesn't it?

>> by the time you get to our hour, these guys are almost blackout drunk. it's amazing.

>> how many vodka bottles back there, guys?

>> i'm willie geist along with al and natalie. but you know that by now. we're here at olympic park in sochi, russia . i want to show you a clip from a movie, every piece of dialogue is the title of a movie. they used 154 movie titles.

>> good burger.

>> good as it gets.

>> out of sight. make it happen.

>> taking sides?

>> home fries.

>> layer cake.

>> cake.

>> just go with it.

>> she's having a baby.

>> top secret.

>> mom a mia.

>> she gets what she wants.

>> nine and a half weeks.

>> eight and a half.

>> cocktail?

>> manhattan.

>> juice?

>> milk.

>> 15 minutes?

>> we wait.

>> that is so good.

>> how about a good burger reference? ryan hunter from the brooklyn comedy group.

>> brilliant.

>> i'd like to try to do that with the weather.

>> mash up the weather.

>> next time when it's maybe a little less serious.