TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Kremlin’s famous Faberge eggs unveiled

The Kremlin houses the intricately detailed Faberge eggs, given by the tsar to his family on Easter. They are worth millions, and 42 still survive. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> miles north of here is the giant fortress known as the kremlin . the kremlin is also the store house for russian riches. keir simmons is back with more. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning again. weep showed you yesterday how the kremlin is a fortress that towers over moscow. prepare yourself for the details of the smallest of treasures. the kremlin , a treasure house of wealth and riches. we had unique access to this fabulous palace, the fabulous faberge eggs . only 50 ever made, only 42 still survived. given by the czar to his family on easter, every egg had a gift inside, intricately detailed. some feature portraits of russia 's last royals, the romanovs. the eggs are worth millions each, a miniature monument to russia 's past.

>> this is a clock.

>> so we have 5 past 2.

>> i'm not sure it has been wound up properly.

>> and some of the kremlin 's treasures are actually alive.

>> hello.

>> once the sport of czars, falconry is still practiced here.

>> no tv crew outside of russia has been given the chance to do that. imagine czars holding a bird just like this in these surroundings. they are just majestic.

>> it takes 3,000 light bulbs to illuminate one room. and imagine how it could feel to sit on one of these golden throwns, one of the most opulent in the world.

>> and this was made especially for katherine the great.

>> she was a woman and she likes diamonds. that's an answer that has continued through the century. i have to tell you, i am so grateful my wife isn't here. i would never be able to buy her a present again.

>> reporter: earrings so heavy they had to be looped over the years, jewels too expensive to be valued and a reminder that for centuries russians have loved their bling. and it was really special to be given the keys to the kremlin , if just for a little while.

>> keir, thank you so much.