TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Natalie, Savannah join Sochi speedskating orchestra

TODAY’s Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie head to Sochi’s indoor skating venue and get in on the action with the esteemed Russian orchestra that plays during speedskating events.

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>>> savannah and natalie spent a little quality time together lately learning how to cheerlead sochi style.

>> that's right. there's no pom-pom involved. i think you'll be impressed as natalie and i learn from the best. so this is the adler skating arena. this is what it's like to be, look at that, in the center of the action.

>> so you see what they do, right?

>> yeah.

>> do you really think you can do that?

>> yeah. i don't know why you don't trust me, i feel good.

>> okay. i guess i'll go along with you.

>> yeah, we're in this together. let's do it.

>> all right.

>> ready?

>> okay.

>> one, two, three, four -- [ playing "when the saints come marching in" ]

>> i told you it would be a workout.

>> i'm exhausted!

>> big finish. ooh, we were good.

>> i felt like i had kind of a talent.

>> yeah, me, too.

>> we need this now.

>> we nailed it. come on.

>> i thought that video would be embarrassing.

>> were you watching the same tape we were?

>> i thought the outfits were tasteful. you could have gotten away with it.

>> that was fun, ladies. that was good.