TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

How do you say ‘congratulations’ in Russian?

In the latest session of his Russian class from Sochi, TODAY’s Al Roker (tries to) translate some common phrases like “congratulations” and “Russia is my favorite country.”

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>> it's time for a new version of al's russian class. brand spanking new. the other one was only three days old. our students are snowboarders, kaitlyn farrington and kelly clark and hannah teter --

>> no, meredith.

>> i thought you pointed to her and said " hannah teter ."

>> this is a new version of the class, isn't it? so, ladies, and you folks at home, how do you say congratulations in russian?

>> couldn't tell ya.

>> any idea?

>> i like the old version.

>> give us some tips.

>> okay, here's the russian -- let's move on.

>> you don't have it?

>> okay. it's -- natalie, you speak russian. how do you say congratulations? [ attempting to speak russian ]

>> let's put up the next thing and show you what it is. i can't even see it.

>> what does that mean?

>> where's the bathroom?

>> no.

>> russia is my homeland?

>> no, very close, though.

>> russia is a wonderful country. there you go. how do you like the new version? [ cheers and applause ]

>> we need a new version!

>> that's al's russian class!