TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Olympic worker struck by bobsled

At the Sanki Sliding Center in Sochi, a forerunner sled went down the bobsled track and reportedly injured a track worker. The worker’s condition is unknown and an ambulance was seen leaving the area. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>> a little more on the breaking news from the bobsledding venue. a worker hit by a sled on a training run. ann thompson is on her way to the site.

>> reporter: the accident actually happened before the track. a bobsled injured a track worker. i saw an ambulance and i just saw a helicopter land. i don't know if that's connected. the sleds are used to make sure the condition are the track is all right for racing and also to check the timing of it. we do not know the identity of the track worker or who was driving the forerunning sled. often they allow people to ride these sleds, they consider it an honor to sort of being the first -- if you think of the indianapolis 500 or the pace car goes, that's essentially what the sled is. it's basically a pace car . again, one person has been hurt. we do not know how seriously by a bobsled, that was testing track conditions before the two-man bobsled practice was to begin at 2:30 sochi time.

>> coincidentally we were up there this morning and at the sanki sliding center, just above rosa khotur and we'll wait to see how that affects the competition as well.

>> we'll keep an eye on that.