TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Treacherous roads expected in Philadelphia

As the snow comes down in the Philadelphia area, a layer of sleet and freezing rain is expected, creating dangerous driving conditions. It’s the snowiest winter on record in the area. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> meantime the city of philadelphia has declared a snow emergency . some spots north and west of isn't could see over a foot of snow. we'll get to dylan dreyer in just ament. i think we may be having a bit of a technical problem. cup hear me?

>> i can hear you. we're getting a little mic under control. it's not normally like this. we're have snow coming down in phoenixville, pennsylvania. as al pointed out, to the west of that rain/ snow line is where you get your most intense snow. we are in it, 3 to 4 inches an hour from places from baltimore up into philadelphia. this snow is going to get a layer of sleet and freezing rain on it and it's going to straight up rain around here. that sounds like a good thing but this snow is like a sponge. it absorbs all of that water. it's going to add weight to the tre trees, the power lines , the roofs to people's homes and it is going to get much worse around here before it gets any better as this storm sticks around all day long. everything refreezes again. tonight we're looking at very treacherous roads. before this storm is done, we could end up as the top five snowiest winters on record. matt?

>> all right.

>> wow. we'll hear a lot more about this storm throughout the morning.