TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Mid-Atlantic area shut down with snow

Government offices are closed in D.C. amid major power outages. Ten to 15 inches of snow are expected across the D.C. area. All schools are closed. It’s the most snow D.C. has gotten in four years. NBC’s Tom Costello reports. 

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>> is shutting down parts of d.c. tom costello is in a neighborhood just outside of d.c. he's got more on this. tom, good morning to you.

>> hey, matt, good morning. this is my front yard . let me turn this down a little bit. this is my driveway here. i've got about a foot or more of snow. across the d.c. area, 10 to 15 inches. the airports are shut down, the highways are a mess. every school in the area, virginia, maryland, d.c. , they're all closed and the federal government is closed today. if you're calling your congressman or some government agency , you're not going to get an answer today and we are still getting snow here. this is the problem. you've got neighborhoods in areas like this in suburban d.c. and metro d.c. d.c. is not equipped to handle this much snow. it's the most snow we've had and four years ago it was called snowmageggon.

>> all right, tom costello, getting it done in his own yard.