TODAY   |  February 12, 2014

KLG, Hoda meet Westminster’s top dog

David Frei from the Westminster Kennel Club stops by Studio 1A with Skye, the 5-year-old fox terrier who took home the top dog honors at the Westminster Dog Show Tuesday night.

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>>> well the sky was the limit last night for the adorable fox terrier that won best this in show at the 138th annual westminster kennel dog show . a 5-year-old dog with the perfect combination of body and voice and a great body beat out 3,000 other pooches representing 190 breeds. here to introduce us, david fry from the westminster kennel club and the handler. congratulations sky.

>> sky looks good. we were saying sky may need a little wax. we didn't know she was a girl. she looks great. tell us what made sky stand out from the rest.

>> when you get down to the end of a great dog show like ours -- there's great dogs standing at the end. the win dog has to stand over and say it's me. have charisma and personality, whatever you want to call it. that was her.

>> it's a subjective thing. it really is.

>> it is subjective. at that a level you can close your eyes and point at anybody. sky was the top dog in the country. there are 500 best in shows in that lineup.

>> wow. why did you decide to enter sky into the tournament?

>> she competed for number one dog last year and won it. we decided to end her career in this dog show .

>> so she's retiring now to make little skies?

>> little clouds? or is she already fixed? what happens to their personality after they win a major contest like that. my dogs get a baths and they are groomed, they think they are the hottest thing. i can't imagine when they win the dog show . is there a different attitude about her?

>> not really. she's a wonderful dog. she loves to be with people. she knows we love her.

>> it's all about the love isn't it?

>> earlier hoda and i were saying i hope this isn't offensive to you guys. one of our favorite movies is " best in show ." it's our favorite too. they did make fun of the dogs. they didn't make fun of the sport. they made fun of the people. we're a target rich group. we love it. they're our best friends .

>> congratulations to you and erica.

>> erica is my partner. we had a great time.