TODAY   |  February 12, 2014

Billy Bush and figure skater Johnny Weir go fishing

The “Access Hollywood” host hangs out in Sochi with Alpine skier Bode Miller and the skier’s wife, chatting with them about their relationship. He later goes on a fishing trip with Johnny Weir.

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>>> an absolutely beautiful night made more beautiful by the presence of william bush .

>> lay it on thick.

>> our dear, dear friend. what are you doing out here today?

>> bode miller went out to the mountains was going to do a little sampling. next thing you know, we get talking. bode races in the super combined friday, going for his sixth olympic medal .

>> right.

>> he's a big hope in america. we love the guy. so we got talking about the relationship. natalie, he's a changed man.

>> he is. i've heard.

>> not that she changed him. it's that she showed up and he changed.

>> he matured.

>> take a listen to how they met.

>> called and said, hey, this is bode, i'm going to come to your tournament tomorrow. and she was like, no, don't come, i don't want any distractions. and i was like, doesn't really -- it's not up to you, unfortunately. at this point, i'm coming.

>> we spent maybe a total of three weeks apart ever.

>> since that competition?

>> yeah.

>> did you have preconceived notions?

>> true love .

>> and that's the way it's supposed to be. you don't change the man, you just show up and because you're so fabulous, he changes.

>> he's grown up a lot. now, what is this about you fishing with johnny weir ?

>> look at his outfit.

>> hey, they're fishing like crazy out here. fish out of water .

>> yeah.

>> johnny shows up, he looks fantastic in valentino waders.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> what are you catching out there?

>> we went looking for fish. the score was 1 - 0 , at the end, one of us caught the fish and one of us didn't.